Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to learn more about the Communicating Health project? Here is some technical detail about the project.

Who funds Communicating Health?

Communicating Health is funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (Grant number: GNT1115496).

Who are the Communicating Health partners?

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What is the aim of Communicating Health?

The Communicating Health study aims to:
1) improve the effectiveness of social media strategies to motivate, engage and retain young adults, especially Aboriginal young adults, in interventions to reduce the risk of obesity, and
2) identify and disseminate effective ways to deliver these interventions via social media for young adults, especially for Aboriginal young adults.

How will the study run?

This study has been split into three phases which are interlinked with each phase building on outcomes of the previous phase. Phase 1 is an exploratory sequential mixed methods approach to explore and understand how young adults use social media to navigate around health issues, including healthy eating. Data will be generated via online conversations conducted in virtual lounge rooms and analysed using a thematic approach. This will lead to defining population segments based on healthy eating attitudes and practices and social media use. Phase 2 uses a co-creation approach where young adults and health promotion agencies together create healthy eating messages. Phase 3 tests and evaluates these messages in a real-world setting.

What are the Communicating Health outcomes?

The outcomes from Communicating Health will include a rich understanding of young adults’ attitudes and behaviours related to healthy eating interventions delivered via social media and provide   segmentation groups. Communicating Health will also develop engagement measurement techniques and metrics for use with measuring health-related behaviours. Co-creating messages using marketing techniques in real-world settings will support achieving a healthy weight in young adults.