It takes a village – Co-creation and co-design for social media health promotion

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Presented at the International Social Marketing Conference 2018

The International Social Marketing Conference 2018. The ISMC aims ​to bring together a community of professionals in the Asia-Pacific region across multiple disciplines including marketing, psychology, public health, policy change, geography, environmental sciences, economics, and sociology who are working in social change. The focus of ISMC is on understanding how we can influence people's health, environmental, and lifestyle behaviours, and the socio-cultural factors, policies, and structures that influence these behaviours, for greater societal wellbeing.


Prof Linda Brennan, Ms Shinyi Chin & Prof Mike Reid



Health promotion campaigns using social media have emerged as a potential way to change behaviour in a large, diverse group of people. However, successfully connecting with and engaging the target audience is still a key challenge faced by health professionals and social marketers. This paper proposes the use of co-creation and co-design processes in order to engage young people in social media interventions. This method involves a "Wicked Problems" studio (5-day workshops), where young adults (university students) across multi- disciplinary areas and a variety of stakeholders (ie. health organisations, government bodies, academics etc) collaborate to problem-solve. This process is outlined in the paper and the outcomes of the "Wicked Problems" studio will be presented during the conference. With this proposed method of co-creation and co-design, we hope to achieve a deeper understanding of effective health messages and content creation for social media platforms designed to connect with young adults.


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